img_8694_1I got my start in photography around a year ago by asking my girlfriend Madelyn if she thought her dance students would enjoy modelling, to give me live subjects to practice with. I’ve been playing around with cameras since high school, but it didn’t click that photography could be my creative outlet until recently.

Now Madelyn and I shoot together on a regular basis, her guiding me on poses, and me behind the camera. I couldn’t do it without her, and I think we make a pretty great team.

Together we have learned how to run a photo shoot, and we’ve made some amazing images in the process. We love exploring abandoned buildings, long overgrown paths, and urban expanses. Trespassing is always an option, and there are few lengths I won’t go to to get the shot.

People are my favorite subject. I love to wander by myself and shoot landscapes and nature closeups, but portraits and candids are my real passion.  I do dance photography/videography for Lake Area Dance Center, as well as product photography for Imperial Vapor Shop. This summer we started doing Senior and Family photo shoots for hire, which you can catch a glimpse of here in my portfolio.