Abandoned Brewery

I am so grateful to be surrounded by teenagers that know how to urban explore better than me. Cool spots to shoot are sometimes hard to find. This brewery was absolutely wonderful for us to shoot. Even without a camera, this is a fun spot to climb around. It almost feels like an adult playground, where if you slip you could die. Daniel, being 15, does not yet understand the concept of mortality. This simultaneously scares the shit out of me, and makes my images better.

The interior was fairly dark, but there were enough windows to get a few shots inside. I wish I could say it was easy to get up to the roof, but that was probably the hardest part. The stairs, as you can see pictured above, had yuuuge gaps. I have long enough legs to step over it, but the rest of the crowd couldn’t quite make it.

Daniel and I ended up wandering around for a good 45 minutes trying to find another way up before we gave in and put a pallet over the gap. Even then, convincing the group to climb with us was a challenge.



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