Legacy Dance Competition

Last Sunday I tagged along with my girlfriend Madelyn while her dance students competed at Legacy. I’ve been along for the ride at competitions for years, both while Madelyn competed and taught, but this was the first one I tried to document.

The Ames Center in Burnsville is a very cramped competition venue. It has a great stage, but barely any space for rehearsing or for props. As a result, any lobby space is constantly filled with dancers. The only safe space is next to the wall, and that’s usually filled with siblings and parents.

The kids make the best of it though. You gotta balance all the pre-performance nerves somehow.

Now you can start to see them get focused. Its weird how fast the mood changes.

I only got a couple of pictures backstage before I was told there was no photography of any kind, and I could pay for photos taken by the competition photographer. So that was the end of my day.

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