Colorado Vacation Throwback

Looking at the mountains

This was likely my most anticipated trip of 2016, and I would say the most successful as well. We all took a week off from work when a friend flew in from London, and spent three of those days in Colorado. I took my camera along just to see what I could come up with. This was well before I had considered trying photography in a serious context.

Most of these shots are from a fairly long hike we took on our first day. We crossed paths with a rattle snake, blew O’s at 10,000 feet, and saw lots of trees. I have quite an affinity for trees.

On our second day we took a trip out to Garden of the Gods. Its a collection of fantastical rock structures that have been flipped upright over time by earthquakes. Most areas are off limits, but there are a couple fun areas to climb around.

Looking through and editing these pictures from last year has been fun. Now I just can’t wait to go on another vacation.


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