We Climbed A Building

I find inspiration and location often go together when I shoot dancy lifestyle pictures, and so this set is part of a continued effort to continue going somewhere new. Originally we set out to find an empty and picturesque corner of the Minneapolis library, but it was crowded, and the silence was intimidating. I got a couple of candid shots before we wandered in the streets.

I’m not quite sure I remember how to get back to this rooftop. We wandered in circles around the skyway until we found the correct door, luckily unlocked. It lead us to 12 flights of stairs, and an open door to the roof. It wasn’t so windy down on the ground, but up here I was certainly glad to have a beanie covering my ears.

Ladders are scary. Daniel has the advantage of being a teenager who has no comprehension of his mortality, and I had experience working on ladders and years of acting similarly to Daniel, but Jenna was freaked out. Madelyn explained to me later that she was scared of the ladders as well, but she spent her entire ladder ascent encouraging Jenna, and assuring her that she was fine. I gotta say, I would not take everyone here.


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