AZ Vacation

This was a much needed trip, although I’m not sure I’m any more sane now than when it began. At the very least I was able to get away from the depressing cold and lack of light that is winter in Minnesota. This place is atrocious sometimes. Especially now that all the snow is gone, but its still 5 degrees outside. Anyway, the desert was a good change of pace.

All of these pictures were taken on a hike with my family on Camelback Mountain. It was a couple days after Christmas, Carrie Fischer had just passed, and we were all reflecting on 2016. Its been a crazy freaking year. From Harambe, to Black Lives Matter, to Bernie, to all the celebrity deaths, and finally to Trump, we all deserve a prize for simply surviving. I guess my way of dealing with all of it is trying to focus on making something worth looking at.

I approach this year with cautious optimism. I’ve got a lot of energy to put into visual art, and I’m confident I can accomplish a bunch and grow on my own, regardless of headlines.


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