More Train Bridges

This was an exciting week. Weather was getting to that uncomfortable fall phase, but this day was nearly 65 degrees. It definitely made a difference in our mood, and in the poses we could get. Some of these poses would have been impossible if these dancers had to stretch in 30 degree weather. It also meant that our “secluded” bridge spot was full of other explorers with cameras. We did a lot of waiting around for people to walk over the bridge and out of the shot.

Ideas flowed naturally throughout this shoot. The dancers were fairly enthusiastic about having their pictures taken, and kept suggesting new poses. I am continually blessed to work with people that also want to create.

I’m not as in love with these train bridges as the one in the previous shoot. Its a great find, but often crowded, and a bit harder to navigate. The curved bridge doesn’t have any solid boards to walk on, so you constantly have to pay attention not to stick your foot between the boards.

After we shot the bridges we drove to some more train tracks close to my house and got this last shot. This is one of my favorites so far. I feel like the balance between the trees, the pose, and that bit of graffiti on the barrier balance each other so well.


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