The Van Hit the Liquor Store

For this shoot we decided to go somewhere completely different, which ended up making the story more interesting. We covered the curved bench, and walked over to Lowry bridge, and heard a crash. Turned around and there was a van inside the liquor store across the street. The driver ran off, and the cops showed up, while we shot the bridge.


I’ve had a bit of an obsession after a couple of inspired midnight walks, but I think this shoot really kicked off my enthusiasm for train bridges. They are always a great place to see the river, and generally a pretty good place to see the city too. It embodies the balance of city and nature that I’m passionate about. The girls were good sports about it too. Bridges like these always come with no trespassing signs, holes you can see straight through, and maybe a homeless person or two.

This shoot ran a little short because of rain and cold, but I also got some of my favorite shots so far. This was a landmark shoot for me, afterwards I felt much more confident that I could execute my vision.img_7022

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