He Climbed Everything

This shoot went slightly smoother than the last. It was helpful to simply have done it before. Directing the dancers is the hardest part for someone who doesn’t dance, so its lucky for me that my girlfriend Madelyn wants to be involved. In every single picture there is a coordinated effort between me, Madelyn, and the dancer. I love the reminder that creation is collaborative.

Dan is one of the most enthusiastic people I’ve met, let alone worked with. He climbed something at every single spot we took him to. He jumps in such a way that he nearly pauses at the height of his arc, which makes it really easy to capture.I was glad the yellow room was open today. If you haven’t walked around the Guthrie in just an explorational capacity, go and just sit on a bench in here.

I was really happy with the shot of the two of them smiling. The backstory is that Jenna is Madelyn’s sister, and I have never gotten her to smile for a picture before. I had them sit on a railing, and I leaned over it backwards until they were laughing enough that I could take the shot. I guess the secret is that it has to be genuine.



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