Our First Adventure

This is one of my first “serious” ventures into photography. I’ve enjoyed using cameras and editing pictures for years, but this is one fo the first times I thought I could be a photographer. Art is amazing, I would say integral to being happy, and finding a creative outlet and hobby has been very freeing. These girls were an exceptional group for a first timer, with great levels of enthusiasm and a good idea of how to be comfortable in front of a camera.


Our day started on the Northeast side of the Stone Arch Bridge, but we pretty quickly migrated towards the downtown side of things. We took a couple shots down by remnants of a brick structure near the bridge. There was a perfectly intact flannel just sitting there. It made me wonder if there was a cold hobo wandering without it.

If I were to shoot these steps again, I would do it differently. Like I said, this was my first real creative venture into photo. A learning experience, to be sure.

The Guthrie is an interesting space to wander. Its uncomfortable to feel like you’re there without a purpose. Everyone seems to be going to a show at the theater, or eating at the restaurant, but there aren’t a whole lot of wanderers. We certainly drew a bit of attention in the more populated areas.

After we finished up inside we tried to get some exterior night shots, but struggles with motion blur and digital noise make that tricky. This one turned out, but several others couldn’t be saved in editing.


I’m really happy this day went well, because it has encouraged me to continue going out to shoot with dancers. I’ve gone out to shoot just about every weekend since then, even when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. I feel good knowing that I’m making something, and that it’s becoming a part of my routine, even if that thing is a small offering artistically.

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